This website is a collection of downloadable public domain format (pdf) documents connected with Geodesy and the related areas: Least Squares, Map Projections, Transformations, Engineering Surveying and Survey Computation.

The name myGeodesy will hopefully come to reflect your interest in Geodesy: the science of determining the size and shape of the Earth including its gravitational field. Geodesy’s modern foundations lie in Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia which spurred the French Academy of Science expeditions to Peru and Lapland in the mid 1700’s to confirm Newton’s hypothesis on the ellipsoidal shape of the Earth due to its rotation and gravitational attraction.  Great scientists and mathematicians have been engaged in solving problems of geodesy (see Wikipedia: Geodesics on an ellipsoid) and many people now rely on the modern geodetic tool GPS for location and direction.  So, Geodesy might be more important than you think.