Engineering Surveying

Earthworks and Volumes
Lecture notes (15 pages) on the development of formula relating to earthworks and volume computations associated with surveying applications.
Earthworks and Volumes.pdf

Fluid Theory relating to Flow of Water in Pipes
Lecture notes (31 pages) developing the formula used in flow of water in pipes in engineering surveying problems.

Horizontal Curves
Lecture notes on horizontal curves, including the clothoid spiral, used in surveying (30 pages)
Horizontal Curves.pdf

Planes, Lines and Direction Cosines
Lecture notes (14 pages) on the equations of lines and planes, including ‘dip and strike’ of inclined planes.

Stream Gauging
Lecture notes (16 pages) on stream gauging including weir formulas.

The Prismoidal Correction
Technical paper on the prismoidal correction in earthwork volume computations (11 pages). Presented at the 22nd Victorian Regional Survey Conference, Beechworth, 20-21 February, 2009.
Prismoidal Formula 2.pdf

Vertical Curves
Lecture notes (34 pages) on parabolic vertical curves in surveying applications.
Vertical Curves.pdf