A Note on the Bursa-Wolf and Molodensky-Badekas Transformations
A paper detailing two common similarity transformations (3D Cartesian conformal transformations) and the least-squares methods of determining transformation parameters (21 pages)
Similarity Transforms.pdf

Coordinate Transformations in Surveying and Mapping
Lecture notes on 2D transformations.

Coordinate Transformations in Cadastral Surveying
Technical paper on the application of a 2D conformal transformation to cadastral surveying (34 pages). This paper also includes a worked example.
Coord Transforms in Cadastral Surveying.pdf

Coordinate Transformations using Least Squares Collocation
Technical paper on 3D coordinate transforms (15 pages) published in The Australian Surveyor, March 1994, pp. 6-20. Authors: R.E. Deakin, P.A. Collier and F.J. Leahy
Coord Transforms using Collocation.pdf

The Standard and Abridged Molodensky Coordinate Transformation Formula
Notes on the derivation of the Molodensky transformation (22 pages)
Molodensky V2.pdf

3D Coordinate Transformations
Technical paper on 3D conformal transforms (15 pages) published in Surveying and Land Information Systems, Vol. 58, No. 4, December 1998, pp. 223-34.